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Birthdays, Drones, and Cards

September 20, 2017 0 Comments

What do a drone, a scooter, and a bicycle have in common?

Answer: The desires of a certain five year old who is turning six in just a few short weeks.

It’s all I hear every single day. “Mom. I want a drone.”

“Why do you want a drone, bubs?”

“So I can spy on Kevin.” (Kevin as in our next door neighbor).

I’ve found answering with, “We’ll talk about it later,” to be easier than the wrath that comes with immediately saying “No.”

“Mom. I need an electric scooter.”

“We’ll talk to your dad about it, bubs.” -Another tactic I’ve learned is to place responsibility on someone’s shoulders other than my own. Sorry, Chad.

But in all seriousness, the little guy has a point. His birthday is coming up and I think he’s starting to feel the panic of knowing that mom and dad haven’t planned anything yet.

It’s like I’ve already lost credit for throwing him the most super of super hero parties last year (complete with a life-size blowup of Spiderman, guests in costume, a bounce house, and the best cake that 12th Street Sweets could ever bake in the shape of Gotham City).

So what can we do this year to top all that?

No, really. I’m asking. Because I really, really, really (put all the emphasis on that last ‘really’) don’t want to go to Chuck E. Cheese, which has been another one of his requests. When that one comes up, I literally just walk away.

Is six the year that we finally invite all of his kindergarten class? But then all the moms have to come to our house, which means I have to clean, and ain’t nobody got time for that. And I think that Chuck E. Cheese is closed the entire month of October (believable?)

So, I’ve been doing what any sane mom does. I’ve been filling up my wine glass and perusing the internet for great ideas.

Instead of finding party ideas initially, I found some really funny memes that I instantly forwarded on to my friends, a cute pair of shoes that immediately went on my credit card (um, I mean Christmas list?); I downloaded the new Taylor Swift song (which I may or may not be humming now as I write this), and then I started planning ideas for this year’s Christmas cards (because I CANNOT forget to send them another year. People are starting to think we just don’t like them).

That’s when I stumbled upon my new favorite discovery: Basic Invite.

Basic Invite is a website that will allow people to completely customize any kind of card for any kind of occasion. What sets them apart, is they have over 180 colors, different designs, and instant previews available online with just the single click of a button.

What’s better, is you can request a sample of your card to be mailed to you  before you make your final decision, ensuring that they turn out exactly how you pictured them. They also have 40 different envelope colors (so if you’re like me and you like to mix and match and play off colors/designs from the cards, you’re set), and you can also take advantage of their free address collection service to request free envelope printing.

For someone who likes instant gratification like myself, this site is absolute perfection.

While I was designing our Christmas cards (because seriously, look how cute that design is), the mom guilt set in and I decided maybe I should get back to birthday party planning. But in doing so, one of the invitations at the bottom of the screen caught my eye.

It was an invitation for a little boy’s birthday party; Lego themed and super cute. And you could even order thank-you cards that matched! I haven’t sent out thank-you cards in longer than I care to admit. I’m a MOM. Who has time for that?! It’s like these people were inside my brain. They could make it so easy..(while making me look SO on top of things!)

(Browse all boy birthday party invitations). 

EUREKA! Could we throw a Lego-building party for Cooper’s 6th? We could bake a Lego cake (and by ‘we’ I mean Lisa at 12th Street), we could have little Lego party favors and grab bags, and Lego building contests, and Chad could dress up like a Lego man, and…

And then I saw an invitation for a Nerf Gun themed party. That’s all this child ever does is shoot me with his Nerf darts. Maybe he’d love that?! We could set up a little obstacle course thing in the backyard and get little vests for the kids to wear and they could go around shooting each other (safely) with Nerf darts?

(You can totally go on their site and just buy birthday invitations already designed! They make it so easy to change the info you want displayed on front and back of the card).

Or we could just order the drone and spy on Kevin the whole time. That could definitely be turned into a party.

Thank you, Basic Invite, for making me look like I came up with some great ideas for my son’s Big 6.

(I custom made these invitations through their party invitation maker.)

So, in being fair and trying to incorporate everyone’s opinions into this, because you’re all the people that will have to come and bring gifts and help me clean up afterwards (sorry, not sorry), which idea do you like best?


*this is as a sponsored post.*




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