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Christmas Trees & Holiday Shopping

November 26, 2017 0 Comments

Today was the Saturday directly after Thanksgiving, which in the Funderburk household means it’s Christmas Tree Day. For the past six + years, the tradition has been that on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, we go to Wallaces and we pick out a real, living, shedding, Christmas Tree.

My husband will roll his eyes and say this is the only way to go, while I whine and complain the entire time and stare enviously at the pre-lit fake trees.

For anyone who has ever had to clean up the aftermath of a real Christmas Tree.. you know what I’m talking about.

But aside from my woes, the tradition is always incredible. We pick out the tallest, fattest tree we can possibly find, and then a little shorty for Cooper’s room (which really ends up going in the dining room because he doesn’t need a shedding tree in his bedroom). We ride the Polar Express train, we eat popcorn, we sit in the big chair, we buy more decorations and drink apple cider (this year in the form of a slushie. Don’t ask). It’s a grand time.

Tomorrow, the trees will be delivered, and Mortimer our Elf will show up, and we can finally start wrapping presents in front of the fireplace while listening to Mariah Carey on repeat and drinking hot cocoa.

This year, Cooper has been extremely interested in all things science. So, I went on the search for gifts that would teach him something, entertain him, and force him to use that beautiful little brain of his.

The gift I might be the most excited about is the Rock of the Month Club membership. If you know my child, you know how obsessed he is with all things rocks. They don’t have to be anything special for him to find a special place in his heart. Seriously, his room is full of rocks from our backyard, from the park, from the doctor’s office.. Hide your rocks, people. My son will take them in a heartbeat.

With this subscription, you get a new rock (or geode, might be the more appropriate title) each month along with an information card that talks about everything you’d ever want to know about said rock.

Other gifts that I’m super excited to open along with him on Christmas Day include a laser tag set (oh yeah, cool mom alert), a scooter, and some of our favorite movies.

I’m curious to know what’s on your shopping list for your little ones this holiday season! Drop me some more ideas in the comments below so I can keep shopping!

Here are some other amazing gifts that I’ve found that I think he’ll love!

I’ve linked below the details to Cooper’s outfit from today, as well as some other gift ideas that I think make the perfect surprise for your little SIT (Scientist in Training). His vest and shirt are an older style, but I’ve found a couple similar options that are super cute, and his jeans and shoes can still be found at Old Navy! (Which bonus, I believe you can still save 40% storewide through the end of this weekend).




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