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Styling a Photoshoot

January 17, 2018 2 Comments

Since opening my boutique Harper & Sky last year, photoshoots have become the norm in my life. Makeup, hair, accessories, flashing lights.. it’s all very glamorous, let me tell you (insert laugh and slight eye roll). Although the photoshoots themselves are often very glamorous (and seriously, SO fun), I’m usually on the other side of the camera; running around through often uncomfortable terrain to try and get the best angle of my models for a shot. You can find me crouched in a corner rocking my athleisure wear and signature mom bun.

So, when I actually get to play dress up too, I go all out and take advantage of every single second. We’ve been blessed over the last eight months to have some incredible friends as part of the H&S team, and some amazingly talented artists at that.

We try and stage two “big” photoshoots per year. The purpose of these photos is to re-brand the website, if you will. Change the vibe for the upcoming season. Our last photoshoot took place in October and helped change out the summer vibe for the upcoming fall and winter months (which, if you’re following along, will realize that we’re in the midst of planning our spring shoot right now!)

Everyone always asks me; “how do you plan your photoshoots?”

The morning starts with coffee (I saw a shirt today that said “My favorite flavor of coffee is ‘a lot.'” – yep), magic eye puff removers, and a pretty banging playlist. The models and I meet at our favorite local salon Haus of Heir, where everyone gets in full glam-mode with hair and makeup completed by the amazing team there. My husband usually walks around with the camera and captures behind the scenes photos for me (he’s a gem, ladies).

Once everyone is finished, we take a few more photos and head off to do werk.


(obligatory car selfie)

One of our dearest friends, Ashley Hempel has been our family photographer for years, and was gracious enough to accept the crazy role of H&S photographer this past year for our big shoots.

These shoots call for a lot of laughs (mostly because I’m SO not graceful in any sense of the word), a lot of tears (have I mentioned I’m also usually an emotional mess?) and oodles of fun.

(We told Erin to exaggerate her laugh..)

(Can you tell I’ve been doing this for awhile…. Ha!)

And then..we go home, and we wait for the sneak peeks. And then we cry some more over how amazing they turn out. <3

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    January 18, 2018

    What a fun read! Chad is a gem and so are you!

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      January 18, 2018

      Well it takes a gem to know one, Debbie! <3 We adore you and Ken!



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