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You Don’t Know Best

June 15, 2016 1 Comments

Why do we always think that we know best? I’m not talking about in our own, personal lives. Our day to day interactions that affect ourselves or our families. The situations we are aware of and involved in.

I’m talking about when it concerns everyone else. I’m guilty of doing this, too. But I started thinking today; why do we do it?

Especially when our opinions are not necessarily asked for.

Unless you’ve been avoiding it (like I did for the first few hours), you’ve probably heard by now about the devastating news of the two year old boy who was attacked and killed by an alligator while on a trip to Disney World with his family.

What happened is absolutely none of my business, but it’s all I’ve been able to think about all day. My heart is absolutely broken for those parents. I cry every time I hear about it on the news. Every time I see a posting on Facebook. The horrific pain they must be feeling is the worst kind imaginable. I wish there was a way to ease it.

What moves my sadness into anger is when I see the heartless comments posted by so many people on social media about the incident. They automatically start criticizing. How something like that would never happen to them because they wouldn’t have..

Or if only those parents hadn’t..

How dare they? What this family is going through is an absolute nightmare. Something I’m sure they never would have wished upon their worst enemy. How dare anyone sit there and say anything otherwise.

We have all been there as parents. Not there- per se. But we’ve all had moments where we’ve made mistakes with our children. We have had moments that somehow, by the grace of God, everything turned out alright when it could have gone in a completely different direction.

I have a son. I remember what things were like when he was two. Two year olds don’t sit still. Sometimes you have to get up with them and walk around. That’s all this family was doing. They were walking around with their two year old son, in a location they felt was safe. And the unthinkable happened.

What is it that makes us so quick to point the finger? When did we get so judgmental instead of compassionate?

Is it because we’re afraid? The news is starting to hit a little closer to home each and every time, and we throw out our wisdom and opinions as a defense mechanism?

That doesn’t make it okay.

I challenge you tonight, to keep your mouths closed in passing judgment on this family. Instead, hug your children a little tighter and a little longer. Thank God that they’re home safe and in your arms. And please say a prayer for the Graves family. They need it more than I hope any of us ever have to understand.


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    Tamara Hook

    June 15, 2016

    Well said! The family will be in my prayers!?



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